Growing to Meet Your Vision This Year

Is your vision for this new year bigger than you are? If it’s not, I have news for you: You’re setting your standards too low!

I had to shake myself with the same question recently. I was considering what I want to accomplish for this year…how I want to contribute to my world in ways that only I can. Funny thing is (actually, not funny at all), I found myself dreaming big but setting small goals

Under the guise of “less is more” and “leaving margin in my life,” I had begun to shrink my vision down to what I excused as manageable. I made myself judge and jury over my capacity. And sentenced myself to a limited pursuit.

It was subtle. I didn’t even recognize the deception. It wasn’t until my daughter fell on the ski slopes this weekend that I became aware.

Let me explain.  

My younger daughter is in a local ski program that trains kids for six weekends at the top of every year. She had a spill and had to be carried down that mountain by the medics. After thorough examination of her “hurt” ankle and the realization that a bunched up sock was causing the pain, she was ready to hit the slopes again.

This incident reminded me of a few years ago when I had a nasty spill of my own. The slopes were icy and steep. I lost control…and BAM! And I wasn’t wearing a helmet…

I didn’t bounce back with the same resilience my daughter had this weekend. Actually, I was completely ski-shy after that.

My husband tried to encourage me to get back out there. He bought a helmet and poles for me the following holiday season. He even booked a ski trip for the two of us to get away sans kids. On our trip, I was tentative, at best, on the slopes. Some days, I just waited for him in the lodge.

The point is…that is NOT me!

Just recently, I noticed that that apprehension (read: Fear) has seeped into other areas of my life. Now, it’s affecting my goals.

Enough is enough! I am NOT having it! Who’s with me?

This year,  let’s not limit ourselves because we’re afraid to dream bigger, pursue better, grow more. If we set the bar too approachable, we will end up being the same person, living the same life at the end of this year as we are now at its start.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying crowd your plate with so much “stuff” that you end up in overwhelm. I am proposing that you stretch a little, grow beyond where you are today. Look…this goes for me, as well!

Humans develop through growth stages throughout life. From infancy to adulthood, physical changes are the most obvious signs of development. However, we continue to evolve emotionally and psychologically throughout our lifetimes. Current research proves that our brains continue to rewire as our experiences vary. The external stimuli of the world around us and how we choose to respond to it contribute to this adult growth that I’m talking about. Once you become introduced to a limiting stimulant, such as Fear, the common response is to shrink back from it.

A-ha moment!

I didn’t waste time drowning myself in a sea of self-deprecation. As I do whenever I’m faced with a challenge, I devised a plan to up my game. I’ll share it with you…so you can, too!


Interview self. I asked myself, what is at the heart of my deepest longing right now? If anything were possible (and money and time were unlimited), what would I do? How can I bring value to my world? How do I want to show up in my world?

These questions are meant to get you out into the expansive space of possibility. Once there, keep asking other questions that emerge for you. Try it. You’ll see…


In a word, visualize. Become so inspired by the possibility of fulfilling your dream that you imagine the scene of it happening. In the scene, where are you? What are you wearing? Who else is there? How do you feel? If you want to pursue a new career, see yourself doing it. If you want to take on more responsibility in your current role, visualize it happening. If you dream of having deeper connections with the people you love in your life, see it.

Then, ask, “Who do I need to grow to be to live out that dream?”  

And, “What do I need to add or subtract form my life to get there?


I’ve said this countless times in the past…Vision drives discipline! But discipline must be applied to a plan of action. Meeting your goals and fulfilling your dreams will not be a big leap on chosen day of the year. They will become realized through a series of small steps. Plan them out. What will you do to ensure that communication thrives in your relationships? Will you change the way you approach and react to others? What small things can you begin doing that will make a big difference in your workplace? Write the plan down and refer to it often.

Then, be consistent (not perfect) with its implementation.

The mind once stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimensions! In this year, let’s expand the scope of our visions and grow to fulfill them.

Until next time…



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