How to Make this New Year Different

The excitement of the new year always breathes new hope into me. I tend to feel almost invincible.

I dream.

I set BIG goals.

I map them out. (Yes, I’m a planner.)

Then, I begin to execute, like a ninja! 

But for many years…by the end of Q1, I’d begin to get discouraged. My agile perspective and solution oriented drive would wane after repeated disappointment and basic “life stuff” would wear me down. Hope would become elusive and I’d wonder, “What in the world was I thinking when I set these goals?!?”

Am I alone in this?

Statistics tell me, NO! A reported 80% of all new year “goals” are abandoned by the second week of February. Although misery does indeed love company, this is NOT a community I am eager to join this new year!

I decided to be proactive this time around.

Last month, I began to think about 2018. It wasn’t quite my usual ‘year in review.’ I just mentally pressed into my accomplishments and missteps. Meaning…I studied and analyzed them. I asked myself reflective questions to uncover what I had learned from them this past year. I also evaluated my personal and professional growth. All good stuff but I realized that all this contemplation was done in a vacuum!

Sure. I can reflect and learn a thing or two. For a true 360° analysis, I needed to query those around me.  

The Backstory: Early in 2018, I began to pursue my blind spots*. I was motivated by the fact that for years I’d been going after my “best life” (like every other person) and had made some progress but I wasn’t experiencing the “best” of my pursuit. Don’t get me wrong. Life is good. However, I’m an achiever. (I finally admit it.) I have an insatiable appetite for better, for setting new standards to widen the expanse of who I am and how I authentically show up in the world. So, I was after those areas that lacked clarity and was willing to do some things that I’d never done to expose them. I quickly learned that it’s impossible to glimpse the blind spots because…well, they’re blind to me! (Duh!) However, this posture set the stage for the polls later in the year. 

Hence, the December survey of my peeps. I asked my family, closest friends, and those I lead, as well. Some questions were woven into conversation. Others were the full blown written kind. People were helpful. They were honest (I hope) and told me about myself. No surprise…I had an incomplete perspective of me. 😬 

Thank God for honest people willing to give honest feedback!

From this place of better clarity, I’ve set my vision for the new year. I have high hopes and a short list of goals. I still feel the drive in me to add ‘train for another marathon’ or ‘read 50 books’ to that list but I resist. Instead, I plan to persist in setting standards for myself with only one criteria: Peace.

From a place of peace, I was able to prepare my vision for this year. And it’s still evolving…organically. (At another time in my life, that would’ve freaked me out! 😆) I also have peace about the goals that I plan to pursue. There’s no anxiety to ‘lose 10 lbs’ or to ‘clean every closet in my house.’ Neither of which will lead me to my best living. I’ve become clearer about what I care about and what’s most important to me. I now base my aims on those. Therein lies my peace.

Now, it’s your turn. Take some time to reflect on your 2018…the good, bad, and ugly of it! Then, courageously ask for feedback from a few people closest to you. (You really can’t figure this stuff out alone.) Set your vision for this new year based upon what’s critical to you! Resist what others try to put on you. It’s your best life that’s on the line! Finally, proceed with confidence!

Raise your glass…here’s to a peace-filled New Year vision that draws you closer to who you want to be in this world! I’m over here rooting for you!

Until next time…



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*blind spot (noun) - an area where a person’s view is obstructed; an area where a person lacks understanding or impartiality.