Catching Your Unique Tempo is the Answer to Disappointment

The last few days have not been easy.

I become incredibly inspired at the close of a month or quarter…usually. However, I’ve faced some difficult disappointments that have left me a bit raw…tentative…and vulnerable.

And I’m a completely glass-half-full type of person. In my usual state, I perpetually see the possibility, the good, the silver lining. So, disappointment usually doesn’t take me out for so many days.

However, I needed to do some self-work to refocus and bring my mind and spirit back into alignment with what I know to be true: I have been created to do great and wonderful work in my journey on this earth. My focus simply must remain on purpose, the “why” of my life…even when the disappointment stems from the places I seek to get encouragement and support.

I stumbled upon a reference in one of the books I’m reading where Life is described as a dance. The words almost leaped off the page. Ever have that happen? When it does, take a moment to be still with the words. Repeat them in your mind, and aloud, if possible.

For me, the analogy sprouted many parallels.

I love dance. When I was about 10 years old, my mother took me to see Eubie!, a Tony nominated, Broadway show that spotlighted the life and music of the then almost 100-year old African-American jazz/ragtime composer, Eubie Blake. Among the amazing cast members was the amazing Gregory and Maurice Hines. The dancing duo was awe-inspiring as they maintained perfect timing with one another.

The image of the Hines brothers working in concert came to my mind when I read: Life is a dance. Dance is movement, expression, and timing in cooperative interaction. It can follow the tempo of an external source or an internal one.

I recognize that the “why” of my life creates the tempo, the internal music that I must yield to. Too often, I get drawn away from the rhythm that is my own when I look at what others are accomplishing. I begin to wonder if I should modify my steps to match their tempo. And thereby, experience progress, like them?

That is the lie of comparison!

When I force progress or growth by enforcing someone else’s tempo, I lose my authenticity.

Sure, disappointment is hard. And sometimes it leaves a bit of residue. The key is to not stay in that place. When I remain there, I spiral into a pit so deep, it could take weeks to recover.

This time, I just took some time to find my rhythm again.


It seems to strange but to really hear the tempo of your life’s purpose, you must cultivate moments of quiet in your day. I took a about 5 – 10 minutes of stillness a couple of times each day to reconnect with my rhythm.


I get so many ideas and strategies during those quiet times. I have begun to write them out for future reference when I’m disoriented and off-beat. This keeps my mind engaged and my soul encouraged.


I then have a long talk with trusted friends. I share the disappointments and the new plans. I also take time to listen to their counsel. At times, I make an adjustment, accordingly. Those closest to us can see aspects of our dance that we cannot. It's important to allow them to speak into our lives.

Armed with a new perspective, I am ready to dance through every day of this new month. Won’t you join me? Set a major goal…one that’s in sync with the rhythm of your life’s purpose. Then choreograph your dance. In other words, outline a plan to reach your goal. Finally, just do it! Go after that goal, doing your dance every single day!

Let me about your success! I want to know!

Until next time,



Launch Update: As promised, you may check out my new site, just launched. Celebration to follow in October. Stay tuned!