How to Prepare Your Vision for the New Year

Do you have a vision for 2019?

Have you thought about it?

Or have you been too busy (or too afraid) to go there…to dream?

The latter describes me for the past few weeks! I’d been taking a step back in my business to focus on preparing the offerings I’ll launch in the new year and serving my clients. However, I let my time with you here and a few other things be a bit organic. But a strange thing happens when you shift gears and go with the flow…after a while you settle into that new rhythm…and get comfortable! And that rhythm can begin to spread to other areas of your life.

Comfortable is an enemy of the entrepreneur!

Heck…it’s foe to every ‘preneur out there! 9to5-preneur…Mom-preneur…etc. It slowly sucks the life out of your dreams and lulls you into thinking ‘status quo’ is good enough. Then you experience resistance when you try to think bigger…and apprehension (i.e. fear) takes hold.

If you get what I’m saying, I’m here to tell you: STOP!

RIGHT NOW…Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing…STOP! 

Take a deep breath. Hold it for three seconds. Let it out. Do it again.

Now, close your eyes, and ask yourself: What does possibility look like?

Allow your mind to wander, to picture what could be. If you’re in the middle of a train ride home from work, give yourself until the next stop. Let this question roll around in your mind for a few minutes.

Then, record what comes to mind. (Repeat this exercise over the course of a few days.)

This is what I HAD to do…I recognized that I was becoming way too content with the less that I was doing…and being. I pulled back for several good health needed attention; I’ve been working on new programming; I had new clients that needed me. All while maintaining my position as COO of Henry Haven. However, as the time came (and went) for my annual year end review (which I usually do at the start of December) and I didn’t feel like doing it, I realized, Somethin’ ain’t right (as my grandma would say).

I was even having difficulty formulating any other BHAGs for the coming year (beyond what I’ve been working on for y’all).

So, I did what I just instructed you to do above.

— Regina L. Henry

I stopped. I woke up a bit earlier than usual for a few days, at 4AM. The quiet in my house in the early mornings always inspires me. And I don’t feel rushed in my alone time.

I took a deep breath. A few actually…for me, meditation has become a must to improve my overall health…spiritually, emotionally, and physically. (You can’t argue with the data.) I recently increased the time I spend in prayer and meditation. And I could feel what I call my “genius” index rising.

I asked myself to imagine, to envision, to dream. Then I took out my journal and wrote the vision. I recorded it. 

It seems too simplistic to be effective. But some of the most powerful tools tend to be uncomplicated. Take a lever, for instance. A small tool that can be used to move objects multiple times its size and weight. This simple practice that I describe here can be used to leverage your future, to move you ahead beyond your “good enough.”

You may not be comfortable journaling, like I do. Try using the voice memo app on your phone. Or stickie notes around your bathroom mirror. Or a combination of them all. The key is to capture the vision so that you may begin to move toward it.

The year is almost over. All that you’ve accomplished and every opportunity for growth (that’s what I call my missteps) this past year, deserve to be celebrated. But do not allow the new year to dawn with your eyes in the rearview mirror. Begin now, to look ahead, to anticipate, and to prepare for the great possibilities that are in your power to fulfill in 2019.

While I don’t plan for this to be my last post for the year, it very well may be…I’m still in organic mode. 😉In the new year, look for new content and offerings (see below). In the meantime, have a wonderfully joyous holiday season and…C U next year!

Until next time…



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