How to Yield to Change Even When You Don't Want To

The late Stephen Covey said, “There are only three constants in life: Change, Choice, and Principles.” Most embrace the idea of principled living and the power of choice. But change? That’s not so easy for us creatures of habit. We quietly (and sometimes, not so quietly) resist change, even when it’s inevitable and/or for our good.

In my house, the resistance is most evident this time of year.  My eight-year old, like most children, has the hardest time accepting the seasonal change. I’m hard pressed to keep her out of tank tops in October. If flip-flops were allowed in school, I’m sure she would negotiate to wear a pair until Thanksgiving. I’ve been talking to her rationally about the need to begin to wear a light jacket and pants outside. And around the house, she’s still celebrating summer with bare arms, legs, and feet.😒Digging her heels in, resisting the onset of autumn.

Then there’s me...

I don’t enjoy the chilling temps but I am one those people who loves change, in general. My glass half-full perspective tends to view change as an opportunity for growth, for learning, for capacity expansion. But I was not always this way.

I used to get bend out of shape whenever anything altered my plans. And seasonal change…I hated it! I complained from October to May! But in my twenties, I began a personal development journey that has revolutionized my principles, my choices, and my approach to change. Back then, I started a practice of responding positively to change that has become a habit. When faced with a challenge or issue that will bring a change, my first thought usually is, “What is the solution? How can I (we) adjust to have the desired outcome while embracing the change?”

Between you and me, it’s still not easy. Emotionally, there’s conflict. My instinct is to have things stay the same. It’s more manageable that way. So, even after more than 20 years of this work, I must remind myself (through self-talk, prayer, and meditation, as needed) of who I’ve chosen to be and then, be her! (I’m human, too!)

Imagine the inner dialogue this past week when I realized that I needed to change key areas in my business. Ones that I didn’t anticipate it! (Can we ever truly anticipate every change?)

After my fabulous Launch Celebration night (see a few pics here), I hopped on a 6:45AM flight and went to an amazing conference in Boston, MA. I learned some things there that will change the trajectory of my business, if I yield. I want the outcome. That means, I need to recalibrate. 

Change always requires something of us.

For the remainder of this year, I will shift my focus to making the necessary adjustments. I will have better alignment of my business with my vision and my genius.

So, I will be showing up here, in this blog…differently. Don’t think I’m ignoring you or anything. I will have my head down, doing the work I need to do to professionally show up more fully me in the new year…for you.

YES! I’m already thinking 2019. Aren’t you??? My year was planned before this conference! Ugh! I remind myself: Change is good, a constant good. I’ll be back in time for us to toast the New Year together.

Yielding to anything that is outside of your plan is never a piece of cake. However, when it’s the right thing to do, just do it. Begin with a decision. Follow up with affirming practices, such as those I mentioned that I use. And remain flexible. Keep in mind, all things can work together for good.

So you don’t miss me too much, I will pull some of your favorite posts and share them again. Who doesn’t love a good rerun?!

Until next time…