How to Escape from the Maze of Doubt

This past weekend, my younger daughter and I went to a Favorite Doll Tea in my town. For those who do not know what in the world that is (I’ve been there): The Favorite Doll Tea is an annual tea thrown by the local Women’s Club to raise funds for their community helps. The event draws children from the neighborhood and surrounding communities to have tea (and tea sandwiches) with their favorite doll or action figure. Complete with raffles, vendors, and a doll hair styling station, the event is both fun and exhausting. 😅

Scheduled the Sunday before the first day of spring, the Tea is also a marker that spring is upon us. Every child even received a parting gift of a small flower growing kit.

While I appreciated the gift, it has been the source of some disappointment in my home as I had to explain why we couldn’t yet plant any flowers. (We live in the northeast and have snow forecasted for the first day of spring’s arrival!)

Life is like that sometimes. You have a vision for something beautiful…something of value to bring into the world. You have the equipment, the location, the other resources to usher in this “new thing,” but the timing is just not right.

It can mess with your head. You begin to question your idea, your preparedness, your resolve. "There are no bad questions," the teacher in me purports. However, some questions can lead to the winding road of doubt that only draws you away from bringing that unique expression to fruition.

None of us are immune to this experience. Hustling entrepreneur, power parent, lady boss, boardroom diva, etc. We have all stumbled into a doubt maze at some point in our lives.

That is not the issue. The challenge is when we stay there...when we allow ourselves to become trapped in the web of doubt, we start to undervalue our gifting, minimize our ideas, and shortchange ourselves and the world by keeping our special-ness buried.

Raise your hand if I am hitting a button or two…👋

"How do I escape it?" I’m so glad you asked!

Self-talk is the answer. Self-talk is the endless stream of unspoken thoughts that runs through your head. Some call it tapes playing. These thoughts are automatic. They can be negative or positive. They can be based on logic and reason or misconceptions and assumptions. Unfortunately, humans tend to lean toward the latter. We do, however, have a choice in the matter.

Choose positive self-talk. The health benefits alone are ample, according to the Mayo Clinic. However, it is what positive self-talk does for your perspective that thrills me most.

Repeat after me:

I am a unique creation. There is no other individual on this planet like me, never has been nor will there EVER be. I have gifts, talents, and abilities that I was born with…I didn’t earn them nor do I have to. Certain things just come easily to me. And not only that, I have skills that I have worked hard to develop. My wheelhouse is expansive. So, when I come to the table (ANY table…whether it’s the one that I built or someone else’s), I do not come empty-handed. Who I am and what I have to contribute is of great value and is meant to be for the world. I may not yet know exactly what that means but that’s ok. I will. And as I grow in the clarity of that vision, I will be true and authentic in the expression of me. Because otherwise, the world would miss out on someone great!

Now, say it again...with conviction, like you believe it!

Sometimes, when the evidence of the right timing is absent, when my “spring” tarries, I remind myself of who I am and that what I have will have its day to bloom. In the meantime, it is my responsibility to remain focused, encouraged, and expectant.

Who better to turn to for encouragement than yourself?

Look, I do not pretend that this is easy. But I do know it works. Try it. Instead of allowing a delay and doubt to sidetrack you, today, reset your eyes on your vision of your future. Speak the manifesto above or create your own. Treat yourself well. There’s only one of you. Whether the signs are present or not, know that these actions create the ideal environment for your spring to be actualized.

Happy Spring, my friends!🌸

Until next time…



P.S. What dream are you pursuing this spring? Please share in the comments below!