Step Three: Realign with New Vistas

Before we go any further, I have a confession to make. Step Three is an exciting part of this realignment process for me; it is also the most difficult.

Missed Step One?

Or Step Two?

I love the idea of setting new goals and constructing strategy around accomplishing them. It’s a chance to dream and develop a plan. (And I LOVE planning!) However, I often get plagued with doubts that attack my self-confidence. When these “voices” are particularly loud, I find myself shooting for things that are more easily attainable. They are good goals but they don’t challenge me much. They don’t put extra pressure on my creativity and ingenuity. They don’t require me to press-in to my thoughts and beliefs to draw out my authentic truth and genius. They are safe and borne out of the fear lurking beneath the doubt.

So, I goad this process by setting up certain criteria for the goals I plan to commit to next. Number one…my goals are SMART…and even SMARTER (as per Michael Hyatt). Two…I must SEE them. For some people that would mean a Vision Board but I don’t need that much. A bright colored sticky (I’m into color coding) on my bulletin board or in my journal with the goal stated is enough. And three…I must have the big goal broken up into actionable chunks with mini-deadlines mapped out in my planner.

A word about chunking...In the field of education, this term is often used when describing the parsing out of big learning concepts in small digestible bits. It works similarly with goal setting for me. I have goals that challenge me because I have no idea how to even approach them, let alone make them happen. When I recognize this, instead of taking the goal down a few notches, I acknowledge the learning curve that exists. And for any new learning, the brain must develop scaffolds through daily work on a component of the overall pursuit. In other words, my mini-deadlines create space for me to build the neuro-structure to move to the next stage in my quest for the BHAG. (That’s some good ole fashioned, neuroscience-based insight, right there!)

Four…I also bring other people in on my journey. I choose an inner circle that will both be firm and loving, challenging and encouraging. They become my accountability community. Sometimes it’s one or two people, other times a crew. The point is: I put myself out there. That way, when (not if) I don’t feel as inspired and gung-ho about my goal pursuit, I have a community to shepherd me back on course.

And finally, I set a reward. I am a creature that loves instant gratification. (Who doesn’t?!) Hope deferred makes the heart sick! However, when I have a goal that requires sacrifice on my part, I can delay satisfaction better when I have in mind a reward beyond the goal. For example, if I meet my 2018 goals in my business, I will do this process next fall on a beach with sun and sand…all alone for three days! Now, that’s motivation!

Let’s get to it…let us plan and commit to our goals, to our next action steps.

Where would I like to see my business in one year? I want to be earning beyond my current financial goal for 2018. I want to build a community of business owners who support one another. I want to develop products (courses and books) that educate, inspire, and promote growth in “my” tribe.

If I knew I could not fail, what would I try in 2018? I would host a three-day transformational retreat for women business owners.

What needs to happen in 2018 for it to feel like a victorious year? I would have a strong launch of my first online course with a minimum of 100 registrants. I would set up two to three coaching/mastermind communities to support women business owners. I would write my first book. (I just said that out loud! Eeek!)

What fears are holding me back? Which fears are not?! Fear of…failure, rejection, disappointment, misalignment with my purpose, imperfection, humiliation…to name a few! Worst case scenario…if these fears are realized in my journey, how bad would that be? That question alone siphons some of fear’s power. Touché!

Who will I rely on for accountability and support? My husband, other family members, my Master Class mavens, my EntreLeadership Mastermind group members.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a static process. No set it and forget it! This is a framework. Remember to allow for some flexibility. I loop through the steps periodically, tweaking and making adjustments to my time and resources to accommodate new developments. That’s just life! Nothing is that formulaic. Simply embrace the flux.

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