Stepping Out of the Box...In Great Shoes, Of Course!

Hi! I'm Regina! (Big smile). Happy to meet you. I'm what some would call a "people person." I rarely ever meet a stranger. I talk to almost my children's chagrin. I just enjoy people (and shoes). Not in that annoying "kumbayah" kind of way but I genuinely love to see people living a life that they love, doing what they were created to do, and simply authentically being themselves. (And you can't see all of that if you don't connect with them first.)

I am not naive enough to think that being authentic in today's world is easy. But I do think that there is a simplicity that can only be experienced when you are doing you, and I'm doing me...not me trying to do you or vice versa. (Y'all know what I mean!)

It's All in the Mind

And the right mindset is critical for the entrepreneur. It takes a mindset shift to even consider entrepreneurship!

Here's my story (the short version)...I was in the education industry as teacher, curriculum developer, administrator, teacher trainer, etc. for over twenty years. I LOVED it. To participate in the process of bringing out the best in little people (and not so little people) is quite rewarding. But I began to feel the walls of my classroom closing in on me. The downsides of education (every industry has its downsides) began to seem less bearable, and I felt like I was in a box.

So, I quit.

Just like that...I quit.

Don't get me wrong...there were certainly other factors that contributed to my decision. My family needed me to be more available to them, for one. (At the time that I left my job, my children were 13, 11, and 5...and my beloved worked long hours, an hour commute from home). As a working parent, there are all types of pressures. (Can I get an Amen?!)

Also, I began to feel less of me being expressed in that environment. I began to wonder if that arena, which I had mastered, was no longer the source of fulfillment that it had once been. I wanted to be fully expressed and to do that I needed to step out of my box, to move out of my comfort zone.

Scary? Yes, but necessary.

Nobody Can Be You, but You

Here's the thing...of all the billions of combinations of DNA that could align, there's only one combo that is me, that is you. And in you and me, there are extraordinary gifts and talents, coupled with purpose...I call it genius. We kind of know children and young adults. We have big dreams, but we get sucked into roles (student, spouse, employee, parents, etc.) that somehow take over defining us. We spend most of our time perfecting our performance in our "roles," and many of us, cannot articulate our "genius" anymore (if we ever had). 

THAT, my new friend, is what this blog is about. I am a firm believer in the power of the collective and know the importance of sharing and supporting others. I have learned a few things that I believe will support you on your journey, entrepreneur or not. We are all in this together. (Literally, if you live on this planet, what you do...who you are...eventually connects with every other person, at some point...through a few degrees of separation...think about it...MIND BLOWN!)

Anyway...stop by here to pick up some practical and actionable tips and thought-worthy concepts to grow you, and your business.

Until next time...



Connecting the Dots

If any of this resonates, please...let's talk. I welcome your comments. In what small (or large) way can you take an "out of the box" step this week? More importantly, which shoes will you wear when you do it???