What could you do with MORE TIME? 🤔


Do you feel like you don't have enough TIME to do the things that you really want or need to do?


Is your list longer than the amount of TIME it would take to complete it?


Have you tried countless TIME management tools that just don’t work for you?


I get it. 🤦🏽‍♀️

I’ve been there! 


This phenomenon is not only common, it has name...It's called “Time Poverty”. 

Like financial poverty, there’s a feeling of “not enough” that’s associated with it. It feels like there's not enough Time to do ALL the things you want to do!


Hey, there! I’m Regina L. Henry, your

Principal Life Architect.

And I have discovered the answer to this time poor experience; It’s Time Design™️.



Time Design™️ is a unique method of approaching Time that will help you to reclaim up to 21 hours in just 21 days!


🕗 🕙 🕝

My Time Design™️ method utilizes the

21/90 Rule to:

Shift you to a new paradigm in thinking and heart-set in regard to Time.

Cultivate in you the identified components of good Time management behavior.

Create your ‘habit loop’ for sustained Time expansion.

What could you do with EXTRA TIME every week?


The program begins with an assessment.

Don’t worry…you don’t have to study.


Many times we’re clear on where we want to go but not as clear on where we are and the distance between those two points. 

 I'm here to guide you through it all, from start to finish!

  • You will learn how to create a Life Sphere Model to clarify and direct your engagement with your various commitments.

  • You will receive daily Time Life Hacks to ‘try on’ for size in our private FB group.. (Why? Because not every strategy is for every person.) 

  • You will have weekly group Zoom meetings with a targeted training to help you develop a better relationship with Time and increase your productivity.

the results


  • A deep sense of Time freedom.


  • Strategies to alleviate time stress. 

  • Increase in productivity.

  • Experience soul peace.

  • Life Timelessness: a life not tossed about or affected by Time. 


  • A Time Design roadmap and Life Sphere Model.

Celebrate! Time Design

$97.00 USD

Your investment now will yield a future with MORE TIME.

Time is an irreplaceable resource. It is, however, RECLAIMABLE...I will teach you how!  

Click 👈🏽 to register TODAY.

At every step, you will be supported.

I will be available for Ask Me Anything Time in our private FB group regularly. You will never feel like you're doing this alone!

The program is broken up into two main parts:

Twenty-One day accelerated training

✨Full Ninety days of group mentoring

If you want an even more customized experience, you may take advantage of two Marco Polo mentoring sessions per week for six weeks to guarantee your success*.  

Reclaim up to 21 hours in just 21 days with my proven Time Design™️ method & be free from the shackles of time poverty.


Give me 21 days & you'll learn exactly how to expand time to serve you so that you become more productive WITHOUT sacrificing what you value most.

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