Yes…I’m talking to YOU!

Did you know that you are a genuine GENIUS?

Don’t look at me like that…I’m serious!

Obviously, no one has ever told you…maybe you’ve never even thought about it…

After of years as an educator, I’ve discovered that each of us is born with a unique, one-of-a-kind combination of passions and gifts that are meant to produce a meaningful and fulfilling life. I’ve dubbed that “secret sauce,” your GENIUS.

To be clear…your genius is NOT your skills set nor is it what you’ve gone to school to study, (maybe, but not necessarily).

Your genius is beyond your training and skills set; it’s who and what you are uniquely wired to BE and DO in this world.

For years I’ve encountered dynamic people, doing great things in their professional and personal lives, yet there is still a deep longing to live a freer and more empowered life. Many of us have done all the “right” things but inside, something is wrong…missing.

THAT is my story. I made my lists and checked every box. But on the inside there was an insatiable thirst for more. Parts of my genius were buried under my “wonderful” life. And all I felt was stifled. I was no longer content to express parts of myself; I wanted my genius unearthed and fully expressed.

From my own journey, I’ve developed a system to equip you to move from the tyranny of a “great” life of “shoulds” (I should do this or I shouldn’t do that) to one that is designed by your empowered choices, bringing your personal and professional lives into alignment.

It is time to unearth your genius!