Meet Regina

Thought leader behind what she refers to as "genius" work, Regina is a multi-faceted, multi-passionate Vision Strategist, instructor, speaker, trainer, and leader with a commitment to inspiring and equipping every person she connects with to "unearth their unique genius" and bring that genius into the marketplace.

Trained at the nation's leading school of education, Teachers College, Columbia University, Regina's perspective on human capacity & potential and 'out of the box' approaches have consistently made her classrooms successful environments for EVERY learner. Having spent most of her professional life in a variety of educational settings, Regina has turned her own "box" inside out to step into the business industry with her commitment to supporting a different "classroom" of learners, the creative entrepreneur. Regina applies her expertise in human & brain development, savvy business instincts, technological acuity, and a passion to see others succeed to create individualized strategies and practical outlines for creative entrepreneurs and their businesses. She also works with educators to expand their teaching repertoire. Her unique perspective and approach to business development empowers each entrepreneur to discover and express their "genius" in the marketplace.