Are You a Working Mother?

(Working. Mother. I know, redundant.)

Each week, do you feel like your list is longer than your bandwidth? 

Has coffee become your support on the front end of your on the backend?

Cultivating a career while raising a family is NOT easy...nor can it be done alone.

Whether you have a spouse or not, every mother feels the distinct pressure that comes with motherhood…

To get it right.

To be all work AND at home.

To do it ALL...and to do it in BAD shoes!



90% of Working Mothers Experience Guilt and Shame Around Their Parenting Choices and Work Commitments.

The early morning lollipop to get just 10 minutes of more sleep.

The work travel limitations that translate into career plateaus.

Weeks run into one another...years fly by... Before you know it, less of what you really want shows up in your practice as a parent and as a colleague. 

You Have the Power to Choose Another Way of Living and With The Right Support,

You CAN Get It Right According to Your Standards,

Be and Do According to What You Value Most.


THIS Life Is Possible:

Imagine a life where you would flow in your work and home life...

Imagine a life where you would experience productivity with peace...

Imagine a life where your life choices align with what you value the most…

Imagine a life with the full support you need.



We cannot address what we do not first notice or recognize.

We will delve into the power of sight, identify blindspots and masks, and clarify our vision.

We move forward in confidence only after we’re clear on where we’ve been.

We will look beyond the surface and see the roots and patterns that contribute to our experience.

It’s amazing how a new frame changes how we experience a photograph or painting.

We will explore how to lead from within and fashion your life accordingly through mind-shift work.

You can be given a gift but the responsibility to accept it, to provide the space for it, is on you. Many don’t know how to receive.

We will develop a personal Growth Action Plan after clarify our values, adopt practices that will support the new alignment.

To wear (a garment) or affect (an attitude or style), especially in a confident way. It’s all about OWNING it!

We will focus on owning your growth journey, and learning how to tweak your perspective along the way, so that the challenges of life don’t draw you back into old habits of being.


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