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Hi, I'm Regina

Chief Support Officer for Corporate Mothers

I empower Working Mothers to lead resiliently and authentically, both at home and at work, so that they may create impact, without shame or guilt.



I conduct corporate trainings and workshops for professional parents.

Drawing from over 20 years of working professionally as an educator,
applying my extensive study of human & brain development, neuroplasticity, and emotional intelligence, and working with families and one-on-one clients to cultivate success as they define it, I’ve developed my signature process to support Corporate Mothers like you:

We will delve into the power of sight, identify blindspots and masks, and clarify our vision.

We will look beyond the surface and see the roots and patterns that contribute to our experience.

We will explore how to lead from within and fashion your life accordingly, through mind-shift work.

We will develop a personal Growth Action Plan aligned with our values and adopt practices that support that alignment.

We will develop practical responses by test driving your plan, tracking your progress, and tweaking, where necessary.

"Regina helped me to excavate my priorities and pull together all the facets of my life. She helped me to clarify my professional goals and was careful to make sure they truly reflected me and what I really wanted. She kept my values and related personal goals in mind as we worked together to form practical solutions to address my work-life incongruence. As a result of working with Regina, I’m now able to balance my business, home life, and schooling in alignment with what’s most important to me."

Cheryl Carter
Author, Business Owner, Mother of five

My Journey Began

with my desire to align what I value most, authentic living, with my choices and actions.

I'd been a master at compartmentalizing. My right hand barely knew what was really happening with the left. I learned very early in life how to wear “the” mask.

You know, the I’ve-got-it-all-together mask...


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